• Atvos concludes first sale of biomass renewable energy certificates in Brazil

    DATE: 02/06/2019

    Published by: Atvos

    Atvos has concluded the first sale of biomass renewable energy certificates (International Renewable Energy Certificates or I-RECs) in Brazil. The I-REC is an international transactions platform that allows consumers to buy certificates of verified renewable energy, in this case, sugarcane bagasse, with the aim of offsetting emissions from the consumption of fossil-based energy or of energy generated from sources that are difficult to certify.

    Each I-REC corresponds to 1 MWh of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Each crop year, Atvos may sell 360,000 I-RECs from its Conquista do Pontal Unit, which is located in Teodoro Sampaio, São Paulo. The first transaction involved the sale of 11,000 I-RECs.

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