• Odebrecht cultural center already has welcome over 100,000 visitors

    DATE: 12/07/2018

    Published by: Odebrecht S.A.

    Telling the story of a company with genuine roots in the Brazilian state of Bahia and global operations, while placing this history in the context of Brazil and the world. That is the objective of Odebrecht’s Culture Center, which commemorated 14 years since its re-inauguration in 2004 at the company’s headquarters, located on Avenida Luis Viana – Paralela in the state capital of Salvador. Since then, 107,719 people already have visited the space, with 1,870 visitors in 2018 alone.

    Through the center, people can revisit many different moments in the history of Odebrecht and the capital city of Bahia. Responsible for over 800 projects, buildings and equipment that have contributed to the urbanization of Salvador, the company has been a part of the city’s day-to-day life over the years. Examples include construction of the Bus Terminal, the Iguatemi Business Center, the Antônio Vieira School, the Clinicas Hospital, the Castro Alves Theater and the development of various neighborhoods, such as Caminho das Árvores, Horto Florestal, Vilas do Atlântico and Busca Vida, which were born by the hands of Odebrecht.

    The space functions as a living documentation attesting to the growth and development of the company, which today has become a global group with diversified businesses in the engineering and construction, manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure and energy sectors, and of the city. “Visitors receive a veritable education in history, geography, architecture, urbanism, economics, culture and communication. For that reason, we have welcomed school field trips, university students, researchers and professionals from a wide array of areas,” explained Fátima Berbert, who is responsible for the Odebrecht Culture Center, which is open to visitors with scheduling via the e-mail

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