• Message from CEO | José Mauro Carneiro da Cunha

    Dear member, I am very pleased to inform you that Novonor has just achieved the ISO 37001 Certificate – Anti-Bribery Management System, a seal of quality significant to the history we are all building. After a long and extensive auditing process conducted by an international certification Company, Novonor obtained this certificate, which attests to the […]

    June 23, 2021


    The planned and announced succession of the CEO of Novonor S.A. has been completed. As of April 5, 2021, José Mauro Carneiro da Cunha will become the CEO of Novonor S.A., succeeding Ruy Sampaio. Jose Mauro joined Novonor’s Board of Directors in October 2019, and in December he became the Chairman of the Board. José […]

    April 01, 2021

    Odebrecht is now Novonor

    Dear members,   We have just announced, at our Annual Meeting, the change of name and brand of Odebrecht to Novonor, a company that is born inspired by the future, with a new Purpose and a Vision for 2030. This is a significant change in our 75-year history. We do not want to erase the […]

    December 18, 2020

    Purpose and Vision 2030 | Novonor

    Dear member,   Throughout the second half of this year, we added to our daily responsibilities the challenge of defining the Purpose and building our Group’s Vision for 2030. At the beginning of December, this work, developed with the participation of all our members, in an interactive way, was concluded, as the expression of all […]

    December 12, 2020

    Message from Guilherme Abreu | Our gratitude

    Dear members,   Unfortunately, Dr. Mayanse Mitri Boulos, 78, medical coordinator of all Odebrecht Group companies, died on Sunday afternoon of a heart attack. He was at home in São Paulo when he didn’t feel well and fainted. He was taken to the hospital, but, unfortunately, he hasn’t recovered. Dr. Mayanse has a very beautiful […]

    August 04, 2020

    Homologation of the Court Supervised Reorganization Plan of Odebrecht S.A.

    Dear Members, I am pleased to inform you that the Court Supervised Reorganization Plan of Odebrecht SA, its parent companies Kieppe and ODBinv and most of its non-operating subsidiaries was approved yesterday, July 27, by the Judge of the 1st Bankruptcy and Court Supervised Reorganization from Sao Paulo. This is the time we turn over […]

    July 28, 2020

    Construction of the Odebrecht of the Future

    Dear team members, Earlier this year, together with my team, I defined and presented to the Board of Directors the three priorities for my 2020 Action Program: 1. The approval of Odebrecht S.A.’s Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan, which will enable its financial restructuring. 2. Obtaining certification by Independent External Monitors, which will mean the successful completion […]

    July 20, 2020

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | New Business Leaders – OEC and OR

    Dear team members, Please be advised that Marco Siqueira is the new Business Leader of OEC. And Eduardo Pedreira will replace him as OR Business Leader. The names of both were approved today (9/6) by the Boards of Directors of the respective Businesses. Please find below the internal communications sent by OEC and OR. Best […]

    June 09, 2020

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | Independent Monitorship: Compliance culture survey

    Dear member, We are now in the third year of the independent compliance monitorship mandated by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Prosecution Service of Brazil (MPF). As part of this year’s review, the Monitorship Team will be conducting a confidential survey to assess your opinions and perceptions of the company’s compliance program.  […]

    April 28, 2020

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | Approval of the Odebrecht S.A. Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan

    Dear Team Members, I am delighted to inform you that the General Meeting of Creditors has just approved the Court-Supervised Reorganization of Odebrecht S.A and 11 other controlled or parent companies. The companies that had plans adopted today are part of the core of Odebrecht’s Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan. We are convinced that another 8 companies […]

    April 22, 2020

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | Covid-19 – Initiatives of solidarity

    Dear Team Members,   I hope you’re all well, along with your families. Our first commitment at Odebrecht is to the health, safety and well-being of each and every one of you. In view of the devastating outbreak of the new coronavirus, and given that many of the activities performed by the Group’s businesses cannot […]

    April 01, 2020

    Message from Guilherme Abreu | The new name of Odebrecht Building in São Paulo

    Dear member, As of today, Edifício Odebrecht São Paulo, negotiated in May 2019 with SDI and Barzel Properties, shall be called Edifício Pinheiros One, by decision of the current owners. Plates with the new name and the new brand have already been posted in outdoor areas and at the reception. The building sale last year […]

    February 22, 2020

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | Independent External Monitoring

    Dear Team Members, I am pleased to inform you that the final phase of the independent external monitoring by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Brazil and the Department of Justice of the United States carry out in the companies of Odebrecht Group since 2017 is approaching. During this week’s negotiations, it has been agreed that […]

    February 19, 2020

    Message from Kieppe | Changes in Odebrecht S.A. macrostructure

    Dear members, As Kieppe’s agent, parent company of Odebrecht S.A., hereby, I inform you on the current status of Group and the alterations to the macrostructure of Odebrecht S.A. decided on this date, 12.16.2019, at a Kieppe’s meeting in Salvador (BA). The negotiations with the main creditors of the Court Supervised Reorganization (“CSO”) of Odebrecht […]

    December 18, 2019

    Message from Luciano Guidolin | General Meeting of Creditors

    Dear Members, Within our line of dialogue and transparency, I inform you that on this date, Wednesday, December 4th, begins an important stage for the approval of the Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan of Odebrecht S.A. and the other Group companies included in this process. The General Meeting of Creditors is scheduled for this date, on first […]

    December 05, 2019

    Message of Luciano Guidolin I Court-supervised Reorganization Update

    Dear members, I would like to reassure you about yesterday’s news and today’s news about legal actions filed in the context of Odebrecht’s Court-Supervised Reorganization. It is natural, over the course of a Court-Supervised Reorganization, for creditors to file appeals or challenges. This is the case for all the companies that have gone through this […]

    October 04, 2019

    Delivery of Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan of Odebrecht S.A.

    Dear Team Members,   Last night, we submitted to the Courts of São Paulo the Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan of Odebrecht S.A. and of certain companies of the Odebrecht Group*. Given our steadfast commitment to transparent dialogue with you team members, I want to explain the importance of this step that we have just taken. Firstly, […]

    August 27, 2019

    New LN of Ocyan

    Dear Team Members,   In line with our policy of constantly keeping permanent and transparent dialogue with you, we are pleased to announce that we have concluded the planned succession process at Ocyan, our Group company that provides solutions for the oil & gas sector. Roberto Bischoff, 63, currently Head of Competitiveness at Braskem, will […]

    August 12, 2019

    Court-Supervised Reorganization of Odebrecht S.A.

    Dear team members, Upholding the commitment that I undertook to keep you updated and to always act transparently, I announce that Odebrecht S.A., jointly with its parent companies and certain subsidiaries, was obligated today, June 17, to file for court-supervised reorganization in view of the coming due of certain liabilities and of legal claims that […]

    June 18, 2019

    Message from Luciano Guidolin | Odebrecht and LyondellBasell end negotiations regarding Braskem

    Dear team members, In line with our commitment to keep you updated, I wish to inform you that Odebrecht and LyondellBasell have mutually agreed to end the negotiations involving the interest held by Odebrecht in Braskem. I would like to thank the teams at Odebrecht and Braskem for their dedication to this process. As controlling […]

    June 04, 2019

    Court-Supervised Reorganization of Atvos

    Dear team members, As part of our commitment to transparency, I wish to inform you that Atvos – our subsidiary that produces and sells ethanol, VHP sugar and electricity derived from sugarcane and biomass – today (May 29) filed in the courts of São Paulo a request for court-supervised reorganization. Atvos’ request is restricted to […]

    May 30, 2019

    Conclusion of negotiations for EOSP

    Dear Team Member, I inform you that, in yet another step of our financial restructuring, Odebrecht concluded today the negotiations for the Odebrecht São Paulo Building (OSPB) that were begun in 2018, which will transfer the building’s ownership and reduce our debt by around R$500 million. However, this does not change in any way our […]

    May 23, 2019

    Conclusion of the sale of Chaglla

    Dear team members, It is with great satisfaction that I announce, with a renewed feeling of hope and confidence that, after three years of a complex and challenging process, OLI – Odebrecht Latinvest, our subsidiary dedicated to infrastructure concessions in Latin America, concluded this morning (25) the sale for US$1.4 billion of the Chaglla Hydroelectric […]

    April 26, 2019

    New LN of Atvos

    Dear team members, In keeping with our commitment to transparency and people, I announce that Juliana Baiardi, the current Business Leader (LN) of Odebrecht Transport (OTP) has been nominated to serve as the new LN of Atvos, replacing Luiz de Mendonça, who will complete, on April 30, a seven-year cycle as the LN of Atvos. […]

    April 23, 2019

    Planning Cycle and Annual Meeting of Odebrecht S.A.

    Dear Team Member, We are a few days away from concluding the negotiation of 2019-2021 PAs of Businesses and Odebrecht S.A. with their respective Boards of Directors, while remaining focused on delivering our PAs for 2018. This important stage in our planning cycle leads us to once again reflect on our short-term challenges and priorities, […]

    November 29, 2018

    Message from Ruy Sampaio | Board of Directors of Odebrecht S.A. has another independent member

    Dear Team Members, I hereby announce that João Pinheiro Batista Nogueira joined the Board of Directors of Odebrecht S.A. on November 26, 2018, as its 5th independent member. João’s arrival will reinforce and contribute to the Odebrecht Group’s strategy. João has an economics degree from PUC-RJ and an MBA in Economic Engineering from Universidade Gama […]

    November 28, 2018

    Message from Luciano Guidolin | Letter of Commitment to the Business Movement for Integrity and Transparency

    Dear team members, It is with great satisfaction that I announce another important step on our integrity path and a reaffirmation of the commitment we undertook to act ethically, with integrity and transparency. On July 31, Odebrecht S.A., Atvos, Braskem, Ocyan, Odebrecht Engineering & Construction and OR signed the “Letter of Commitment to the Business […]

    August 10, 2018

    Message from Luciano Guidolin | Leniency Agreement with CGU and AGU of Brazil

    Dear team members, It is with immense satisfaction that I share with you this news that consolidates our path towards a new growth cycle. The Ministry of Transparency and the Federal Controller General (CGU) and the Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Government (AGU) yesterday (July 9) signed a leniency agreement with Odebrecht […]

    July 10, 2018

    LyondellBasell and Odebrecht S.A. Enter Into Exclusive Discussions Concerning Braskem

    Dear Team Member, I wish to share with you a statement we are disclosing jointly with LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. Braskem has just filed a material fact notice in this regard with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM). This is the statement: LyondellBasell and […]

    June 15, 2018

    Meet the future directors of Odebrecht S.A.

    Odebrecht makes sweeping change and now has a board of directors with a majority of independent members The names of the future directors of Odebrecht S.A., with the majority drawn from the market, were announced through a press release tonight, as instructed by the Chief Executive Officer of Kieppe Patrimonial, the parent company of Odebrecht, […]

    June 01, 2018

    Negotiation with banks concluded

    Odebrecht raises R$2.6 billion from banks, rolls over debt and invests in its growth Read firsthand the message on the agreement that Odebrecht reached with banks that is being released to the media. Click here Check the message from the CEO of Odebrecht S.A., Luciano Guidolin. Click here

    May 25, 2018

    Message to Team Members

    Dear Team Member, Odebrecht and Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht, in his capacity as shareholder, hereby jointly reaffirm publicly that, contrary to speculations, they have the common goal of preserving and strengthening the Odebrecht Group companies. Odebrecht is committed to its corporate restructuring and to revamping its governance in order to honor its commitments and grow once […]

    April 03, 2018

    Emílio announces exit and changes in the Board of Directors of Odebrecht

    In a speech given in the presence of 200 executives, Emílio Odebrecht announced today, at the annual meeting of Odebrecht in Salvador, that he will be stepping down from his role as chairman of the board of Odebrecht SA in April 2018.   Click here to read the press release.

    December 15, 2017

    Important decisions taken by the controlling shareholder of Odebrecht S.A.

    Dear fellow Odebrecht member,   On behalf of the Board of Directors, and in alignment with the CEO of Odebrecht S.A., I am bringing you firsthand information about important decisions taken by the controlling shareholder of Odebrecht S.A.   These decisions confirm and reinforce the new business model that has already transformed Odebrecht.   They […]

    December 11, 2017

    Odebrecht TransPort concludes sale of Embraport

    Hello Team Member.   This Monday, Odebrecht TransPort concluded the sale of its 66.7% interest in Embraport, the company that manages a container terminal in the Port of Santos (São Paulo), to Dubai Ports World, its partner in the venture and one of the world’s largest maritime terminal operators. The proceeds will be used to […]

    December 04, 2017

    Odebrecht Global Advisory Council

    Dear Team Member,

    The Odebrecht Global Advisory Council was created to support the Board of Directors of Odebrecht S.A. (BoD-ODB) in developing a broad and diversified geopolitical perspective and on topics related to governance and strategic direction.

    October 23, 2017