• IIRSA Norte joins support for the fight against Covid-19

    DATE: 04/27/2020

    IIRSA North Concessionaire, aware of the need to be united for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborates with hospitals in Piura, Bagua Grande, and Tarapoto, in addition to the Regional Government of the State of Amazonas, by donating security equipment for frontline personnel in the fight against the coronavirus.

    One part of the donation consists of the delivery of 15 motor sprayers and 15 protective suits to the Regional Government of Amazonas. This material will serve to increase the cleaning and disinfection capacity of public places in the region, especially in towns through which the IIRSA Norte road passes.

    On the other hand, each of the hospitals Santa Rosa de Piura, Santiago Apóstol de Utcubamba – Bagua Grande and MINSA II of Tarapoto received as a donation: 100 clear goggles with an airtight seal, 100 single use protective clothing, 100 boxes with 50 pairs of disposable boots, 100 transparent face shields, 50 boxes with 100 surgical caps, and 100 boxes with 50 medical masks. These materials will ensure that medical staff in all three hospitals have the necessary protective materials to reduce the chances of contagion while caring for patients.

    The IIRSA Norte Concessionaire is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the road from Paita, in Piura, to Yurimaguas, in Loreto, and, therefore, it joins the necessary actions to face the COVID-19 over the 6 regions it keeps connected.



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