• Horto Florestal, in Salvador, will gain new public living space

    DATE: 08/05/2020

    Published by: OR

    Pioneer in the Horto Florestal district , OR signed last Saturday (01)the Commitment Agreement (CA) which makes official the partnership in relation to the works of Square on Rua Estácio Gonzaga. The term symbolizes a contribution of the company to Horto Florestal and is related to the works of Monvert – a real estate development, with all 140 units sold, and is being built at Rua Estácio Gonzaga, the same place where the new space will be.

    The CA was signed by OR’s president, Eduardo Pedreira, in a solemnity attended by the deputy mayor of Salvador, Bruno Reis, among other authorities of the City, and representatives of AMO Horto. “We know OR’s quality standard, and we hope that this work will have all quality the city hall requires,” said the deputy mayor.

    The square will be an area of 290m² at Rua Estácio Gonzaga, with interlocked flooring, according to the remodeling that the government has already performed in the districts of Barra and Rio Vermelho, and it uses the concept of sharing space between pedestrians and vehicles.

    The concept of the space is of a large area that allows the pedestrian to go for walks, hiking, and other physical activities. The square will also allow the community to hold events such as fairs and exhibits.

    “The goal is to rescue the sense of belonging in the public area. This new square will be a place of leisure, but specially of coexistence of both the residents of Horto Florestal and the whole city. OR’s  Mission is to add positive values around its developments, and this could not be different with Monvert, one of the main focuses of the company’s work at this time,” said Eduardo Pedreira.

    In addition to the new square, OR has made other contributions to the neighborhood that it has helped to build in recent decades. Among the most recent is the campaign “Nosso Horto, Nosso Verde” (Our Garden, Our Green) by planting fruit seedlings inside the condominiums, and seedlings of native species in their squares and beds that began in August 2019, with the objective of preserving the local flora and fauna, and contributing to a cleaner air, directly influencing the residents’ quality of life.


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